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Hold Teachers and Schools Harmless

During this legislative session, legislatures will be listening to a bill that would hold teachers harmless due to poor test scores after the state switched from ISTEP to ILEARN. Less than 50% percent of students in the state passed this new test. In turn, this has multiple consequences to teachers and schools. Schools are faced with publicly recognized grades being lowered, or worse, taken over by the state. The article linked below recognizes a legislator stating it may take years for everyone to get used to the new test. Don't you think they should have thought of the outcomes beforehand?

Besides schools facing ramifications, teachers have concerns of their own. Teacher raises, TAG grant, and continuance of employment are impacted by standardized test scores. While some teachers may be able to not worry about their position or whether or not they are an "effective teacher", many are concerned about the future of the educational system and how they, and their students, will be treated by the state.

Please follow along this legislative session, and how your senator and representative votes.

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